The Struggles of Being a Stay at Home Mom – Pt 1: Introduction

The Struggles of Being a Stay at Home Mom - Introduction
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Welcome to the first in my series:

The Struggles and Joys of Being a Stay at Home Mom


I want to start off this post by saying a couple things:

  1. I am not licensed or certified as a therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, or counselor. If you are depressed or feel you need emotional support, please reach out to someone who is qualified to help you. This post is only regarding challenges I have faced as a stay at home mom, and what I do to help relieve that temporary stress. This post should not be seen as or used for professional or medical advice.
  2. This post is in no way intended to put down or lessen the roles, challenges, or joys of being a working mom. I've been a working mother myself, and I know all too well the struggles that come with it. In today's world whatever path you take is filled with turbulence as well as beauty. In my book, all moms who are doing the best at what they do and with what they have are super moms. At this point in my life, I am a stay at home mom. So this topic is just close to my heart right now.

Printable Motivational Quote
Printable Motivational Quote

My Ideals

When we got pregnant with our youngest, my husband and I decided it made more sense for me to stay home as opposed to working outside the home. I was so excited at the idea of spending days with our toddler and the new baby. I imagined play dates, daily walks to the park, a spotless house, and actually being able to get dinner on the table before 8:00.

Now unless you are reading this because you are considering being a stay at home mom, you already know that more often than not this isn't how a typical day goes. <insert chuckle here>

While I feel like the positives of getting to spend every waking minute with your bundles of joy are pretty obvious...being there for important "firsts", getting to attend events you otherwise couldn't, not having to ask your boss if you can stay home to take care of your sick baby...I feel like some of the struggles are mostly unmentioned.

Picture Perfect Motherhood

In a world where we are more socially "connected" than ever, we are also under tremendous pressure as moms to always do, be, say, and act a certain way. We are shamed by any and every person who ever even considered having a baby if our opinion or parenting style dares to differ from what they deem to be the appropriate way to parent.

Plus, we are constantly bombarded by images of what "perfect" moms look like with their perfect hair, clothes, bodies, and makeup. Not to mention their spotless house, their perfectly well behaved little angels, and of course a perfectly executed home cooked gourmet meal for dinner.

I think it's sad that so many amazing mothers feel like they cannot talk about the struggles and challenges they face day to day. That they are embarrassed when everything is not exactly perfect.  Or they feel guilty for not being the "perfect mom".

Printable Motivational Quote
Printable Motivational Quote

Not Alone in the Struggle

In my journey to starting this blog, I have had the privilege of meeting some absolutely amazing women. From all walks of life and with different backgrounds. What I was blessed to discover was that they struggled with most of the same things that I do as a stay at home mom.

They get sad, frustrated, anxious, upset, lonely, and grouchy just like me. These thoughts and feelings that often had me questioning if I should even be a stay at home mom. Or even worse, made me think I was a horrible mom.

It got me wondering how many mothers out there were struggling just like me. How many moms out there just needed to know they aren't alone, and that even though they have lows, they are still super mamas.

I started asking other stay at home moms what were the biggest challenges they were facing day to day. Every single response I got was something I had myself felt or experienced at some point.

That's why I decided to write this series. To let all stay at home moms who are struggling know that there are plenty of us out there who understand, that we are here for them, and that we know they are amazing!

Here's what to expect

These are the struggles I look to touch on in this series:

  1. Introduction
  2. Loneliness
  3. Guilt
  4. Not enough time/Too much to do
  5. Self care
  6. Struggle with identity
  7. Motivation
  8. Establishing a sustainable routine
  9. Juggling work and home

If you want to visit a specific post in the series, just click the link above, and you will be directed to that post.

Printable Motivational Quotes
Printable Motivational Quotes

A couple more things...

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If you are a stay at home mom, what struggles do you face? And what do you do to relieve those pressures? Comment below. I'd LOVE to hear from you!


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