Monthly Challenge: Spread Love

Monthly Challenge: Spread Love
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Hey everybody! I am so excited to be posting about our very first monthly challenge for this ongoing series of life change challenges. I'm ready to change my life in a fun, sustainable, and positive way, and I hope you will journey along with me!

Printable 30 Day Challenge Tracker
Printable 30 Day Challenge Tracker

About this monthly challenge...

This month I want to focus on extending love to our loved ones as well as some people we may not usually think about. This monthly challenge will spread love to those we encounter who may really need it, and it will make us more positive, giving, and appreciative of others.

Why Spread Love?

Sometimes I tend to let the stresses of life take over my otherwise giving, loving personality. I get caught up in the weeds, and start focusing more on the negatives and the frustrations that come with a crazy hectic life. I forget to thank people that have done something kind for me or even completely neglect to extend love to the strangers that perform every day tasks in my life.

Ultimately I want to be a positive person, and I want to be a positive role model for my kids. I want them to see me extending kindness to everyone. Furthermore, I need to feel like I'm contributing to others lives and happiness. This is the perfect monthly challenge to start enforcing the habit of spreading love to our neighbors, our loved ones, and ourselves.

Printable Motivational Quotes

So without further ado...

  1. Compliment a stranger
  2. Maintain positive thoughts
  3. Do something special for yourself
  4. Smile at everyone you see today
  5. Give a card/special note to your mailman
  6. Listen to someone who is having a bad day
  7. Help a stranger out
  8. Put a card/special note and a treat in your kids' lunch(es)
  9. Write a special letter or text to an important woman in your life
  10. Invite someone to your house for dinner
  11. Ask someone what you can do to help them...then do it
  12. Take an expo marker and write caring messages on the mirrors in your house
  13. Make cookies (or any special treat) with your kids and share them with neighbors
  14. Celebrate your loved ones
  15. Have a family game night
  16. Take one of your kiddos (or someone else you care about) out to do something alone with them
  17. Cook dinner as a family
  18. Write a special letter or text to an important man in your life
  19. Share an inspirational quote on social media
  20. Refrain from gossip
  21. Say 'thank you' to everyone who helps you
  22. Leave a love note for your significant other
  23. Tell someone how they positively affected your life
  24. Make dessert together as a family (you could try my crostata recipe!)
  25. Treat yourself to a coffee and pay for someone else's
  26. Do something you know someone else hates to do
  27. Do something nice for someone and don't tell anyone
  28. Write yourself a letter that increases your love for yourself
Monthly Challenge - Spread Love
Monthly Challenge - Spread Love

So there you have it ladies! Our very first monthly challenge.

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Printable Motivational Quotes
Printable Motivational Quotes

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