Monthly Challenge: Be a Better Mom

Monthly Challenge: Be a Better Mom
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I always love the month of May. The flowers are blooming and the birds are chirping. The weather has finally warmed up. It is perfect for opening the windows to let in the fresh air. We can go outside to play again. Not to mention it is the month to celebrate moms!

In the spirit of celebrating mothers, I have decided that this month I am going to challenge myself to be a better mama. As with any area of our lives, I believe there is always room for improvement. And sometimes I need to recenter and focus my attention on how I can improve certain areas.

I want to be clear. I am not talking about someone else's idea of what a great mom should be. I am talking about having a private and honest discussion with yourself about where you feel you could improve. How do you feel you could be a better mom? I truly believe that most mamas are amazing mamas! Sometimes we just need a boost. A pick me up. A reminder of what our goals are for one of the most important roles we play.

Here is what I believe is important to let our best mama shine through, and what I hope to work on during this month's challenge:

  • We have to take care of ourselves
  • We have to nurture the relationship with our partner
  • We have to dedicate time to building a relationship with our kiddos
  • We have to teach our kiddos and exhibit the qualities and habits we want them to have
  • We have let our kiddos know how much we care about them, and how special they truly are
  • We have to spend real quality time with our kiddos

Life is all about growth, right? So why not challenge ourselves to grow in one of our most important roles?

This month's challenge: Be a Better Mom

  1. Make your family a special breakfast
  2. Leave special notes in your kiddos lunch
  3. List the 5 qualities you love most about yourself
  4. Be completely present. Only check your phone when it is absolutely necessary
  5. Spend some quality alone time with each of your kiddos
  6. Learn about your kids
    • Let them tell you about their most favorite things (foods, colors, toys, games, etc)
    • What do they want to be when they grow up
    • Who is their best friend
    • Learn anything you can about them
  7. Teach your kids how to cultivate the #1 on your list of 5 best qualities
  8. Have your family help cook dinner or  clean up afterwards
  9. Make lists of your kiddo's best qualities and give it to them
    • Let them know how proud you are to be their mama
  10. Teach your kids how to manage money
  11. Teach your kids how to cultivate the #2 on your list of 5 best qualities
  12. Have a family day at the park
  13. It's Mother's Day! Give yourself the day off!
  14. Dinner of positivity
    • Prompt your kids to say something positive about their day
    • Ask them what they learned today
    • Ask them what they are grateful for today
  15. Teach your kids how to cultivate the #3 on your list of 5 best qualities
  16. Read a special bedtime story
  17. Get active together as a family
  18. Tell your kiddos what you love most about being a mom
  19. Teach your kids how to set goals, and why goal setting is important
  20. Do something special with your significant other
  21. Write encouraging/loving notes on the mirrors in your house with Expo marker
  22. Take a relaxing bath
  23. Teach your kids how to cultivate the #4 on your list of 5 best qualities
  24. Forgive yourself for your imperfections
  25. Arrange for a special family treat
  26. Date night with your special someone
  27. As a family, create a new tradition
    • ex: my girls and I used to do breakfast for dinner on Friday nights while we watched a movie together
  28. Tell your kiddos what your hopes are for them
  29. Do something that makes you happy
  30. Teach your kids how to cultivate the #5 on your list of 5 best qualities
  31. Treat yourself to something you normally wouldn't

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Did you try this month's challenge?! How did it go? Plus load me up on some ideas and tips to be a better mom! I would love to hear from you!

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